In Hindu mythology, Shankini resembles an intelligent, sharp woman with a high energy level. They are challenging to woo and get angry soon. Rani Gayatri Devi is a close resemblance to the Shankini woman. Just like the divine Goddess Shankini, who loves to explore new things, Shankini Villa is specially designed for explorers and travelers. The one-bedroom villa, Shankini, is a whole mood to experience at Manmatha Resort.

With world-class amenities and modern fittings, Shankini is the most luxurious villa in Udaipur. It is attached with a natural pool too, where you can take a dive and recoup yourself. Also, you can enjoy your vacations with traditional swings available in the villa. The Shankini Villa at Manmatha is the best choice for couples who want a quality atmosphere to live their love life.

Amenities: Private Plunge Pool, Air-conditioned, 24*7 Room Service, Traditional Swings, Hot & Cold Water Supply, Bath linen, and toiletries.

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Room Amenities!
Private plunge pool in all rooms.
Suite Villa with additional living room.
Traditional swing in all rooms.
Hot & Cold Water in bathroom.
Bath Linen and all toiletries.
All Villas are Air-conditioned.