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Welcome to Manmatha, an Echo of Serenity!
Nestled in the heart of Udaipur, Manmatha is an eco-conscious, sustainable retreat curated with an amalgamation of tranquillity, luxury and a deep sense of care for our planet. Fervently believing in the preservation of Indian heritage and sustainability, the founders of Manmatha, Aakanksha & Priyank have carefully crafted Manmatha as a poetic retreat. Here, tranquillity and sustainability waltz in whimsical harmony, and spirituality weaves itself into the intricately beautiful patterns of Indian heritage.

An Exotic Haven
You can experience a lifetime at Manmatha. We offer four luxurious villas; each is better than the others. All the profoundly luxurious villas are small worlds of their own — carefully planned oases of beauty and relaxation.

Escape into Extraordinary

Whether you want to celebrate, relax or discover the Aravalli Valley, Manmatha is your one-stop destination. Our friendly and professional staff will efficiently be at your service in the best discretionary manner to provide your comfortable staying. As an intimate eco-conscious property that promotes slow living and sustainability, we work closely and thoughtfully with our guests to curate personalized experiences, rituals, and visits that best serve their intentions and desires. Our unique spaces offer the perfect location for any need or want — from solo getaways to business meetings to fabulous weddings and celebrations.
Adventures at Manmatha
Embrace your stay with fun activities at Manmatha, including a nature trek, cycle trek, board games, bird watching, star gazing, and much more.

The Cycle of Development

While developing Manmatha, we desired to learn from the local community and tried our best to integrate the culture and values of life into our offering. The local community helped us build our beautiful rooms and supports our everyday operations today. We have been incredibly mindful of our impact on the environment locally and globally and thus continually choose to source and use sustainable products and services that are ethically and locally produced. Exclusivity and seclusion far away from the humdrum daily chores of life are what Manmatha desires to offer to its guests. We have five residential units, each designed uniquely, inspired by God Manmatha’s five arrows named Kumudini, Ratimohini, Chitrini, Shankhini, and Bodini.
Explore the world inside Manmatha.


Treat your taste buds to a delectable meal at Manmatha. It’s like dining in your own home. The freshly cooked organic and multicuisine meals by the famous chefs of the town are a joy for your tummy. It’s all about the food at Manmatha. We believe what we serve is simply delicious, and as a result, our patrons have been consistently returning to enjoy more of it.

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