Kumudini, in Hindu astrology, is defined as the most charismatic woman. She resembles the features of a lotus. You will be amazed to read that Kumudini resembles the rare sort of woman characteristics, which emits Lotus. Rani Padmavati is known for her beauty, and she still represents Kumudini.

Just like, Kumudini Villa at Manmatha is the most charming stay in Udaipur. Kumudini is a suite villa that can accommodate a couple with one or two kids. The one-bedroom Kumidini Villa is followed by a living area and natural pool, offering a top-class stay experience.

Amenities: Private Plunge Pool, Air-conditioned, 24*7 Room Service, Traditional Swings, Suite Villa, Hot & Cold Water Supply, Bath linen, and toiletries.

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Room Amenities!
Private plunge pool in all rooms.
Suite Villa with additional living room.
Traditional swing in all rooms.
Hot & Cold Water in bathroom.
Bath Linen and all toiletries.
All Villas are Air-conditioned.