Named after the divine wife of Lord Kamadeva, Ratimohini, is known for her erotic appearance and beautiful eyes. Rati holds supernatural capabilities to charm anyone with just a mere glance. The lady is known as the goddess of love, lust, carnal desire, and passion. Apart from being beautiful, Rani Sita Devi of Kapurthala mastered many European languages and is known for her fashion statements.

Ratimohini Villa, the top exotic stay in Udaipur, has one bedroom and a natural pool. Here you can plan your stay with your loved ones and feel the erotic atmosphere loaded with all luxuries and necessities. It is the best choice for travelers looking for an attached living area. You can bathe with your loved one in the plunge pool and enjoy the aroma of love. It can easily accommodate a family of four.

Amenities: Private Plunge Pool, Air-conditioned, 24*7 Room Service, Traditional Swings, Hot & Cold Water Supply, Bath linen, and toiletries.

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Room Amenities!
Private plunge pool in all rooms.
Suite Villa with additional living room.
Traditional swing in all rooms.
Hot & Cold Water in bathroom.
Bath Linen and all toiletries.
All Villas are Air-conditioned.