Chitrini, or the art woman, is the one who adores art and smells like honey. Chitrini represents a woman who is not just well-dressed but intelligent as well. They present themselves well and are faithful to their partners. Rani Samyuktha of Kannauj and the wife of Prithvi Raj Chauhan closely resemble the character.

And, just like that, Chitrini Villa is not only well-fitted with exotic infrastructure but also contains basic amenities like bath linen and other toiletries. Like the other three villas, Chitrini also consists of a natural pool. The spacious and luxurious Chitrini Villa at Manmatha is perfect for the couple and will rejuvenate the core of your soul.

Amenities: Private Plunge Pool, Air-conditioned, 24*7 Room Service, Traditional Swings, Suite Villa, Hot & Cold Water Supply, Bath linen, and toiletries.

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Room Amenities!
Private plunge pool in all rooms.
Suite Villa with additional living room.
Traditional swing in all rooms.
Hot & Cold Water in bathroom.
Bath Linen and all toiletries.
All Villas are Air-conditioned.